Who we are

XPOGames is an innovative player in the social gaming industry, focusing on turnkey social solutions for game developers and game operators. We're committed to taking our clients' games to the max, using the many tools at our disposal, as well as.. well, our brains!

Our roster is comprised of a slim but very experienced, creative, and capable bunch. These factors enable to come up with great, unique ideas, and most importantly - act fast, in order to deliver the absolute best results within the shortest amount of time.

What we do

XPOGames' services are based around social games and social network integration. Our goal is simple; To bridge the gap between great games and monetization, through major social networks.

To do so, we've developed a unique engine that enables game developers to convert their games to fully-featured social game applications, on Facebook, at very a low cost, and in minimal development and integration times.

The XPOGames engine enriches your game with a suite of social features, such as; Virtual currency, Virtual goods, Challenges, Bets, Tournaments, Live highscores, Viral functions, and more...

In addition to frontal end-user features, clients get access to a full configuration back-end for their applications, as well as an in-depth usage, profit, and business analytics dashboard.