Create different types of challenges in your game

to increase its replay value, encourage your players to make bets, and allow further accessibility for your players.


Provide the spirit of competition alongside the engaging experience of a multiplayer game! The Live highscores module updates in real-time for ultimate immersion.

Live highscores

Give your players a sense of accomplishment, award them with ranks and special unlocks, like cool gifts, hidden levels, tickets to tournaments,

and more!

XP & Levels

Award players with 'medals of honor' for performing, or repeating specific tasks, that you specify! Increase retention and deepen user experience via unlocks.


Monetize your game by creating a complete 

virtual economy and enabling the use of betting, challenges, virtual store and goods, daily lottery, and more


Bring in new players and preserve your existing audience, by allowing users to share collectibles they find on their Facebook walls, and tempt their friends into joining.

Random gift

Empower players to share valuable gifts with their friends, on a daily basis. These friends will be notified, and in turn will be encouraged to re-visit your game.

Daily lottery

Give your players a chance to win some extra cash, everyday (or purchase more tickets). This will make them visit on a daily basis for a chance at more money!

The Inbox system informs players of everything that occurred while they were away. Plus, it allows you to communicate with them, set up promotional campaigns, and more!


Virtual currency

User profiles

Through Profiles, players can learn about other players, as well as compare their scores, achievements, and collectibles to those of their friends.