XPOGames engine

So, we put it through the glorious XPOGames engine, which upgrades it to a fully-featured social game application, packed with all sorts of awesome social features.

Your game

First, there's your game. Sure, it's fun on its own, but just think how much more addictive, cool, and profitable it can be with the addition of social features!

Control it

Next, it's time to configure your game's newly added features! Fine-tune your economy, set up your gift shop, modify the leveling and achievements systems, and more...


All done! Hit that 'Publish!' button and you're good to go. Your new game application will be posted to Facebook. Now all that's left to do is monitor your profits via the Dashboard!

We then provide you with access to your new application's back-end. A tool that enables you to design it the way you want to, or use one of our pre-made designs.

Design it