Play Smart!

XPOGames understands social games. We've been living and breathing the market for years. Our knowledge and experience allows us to deliver the best outcome, tailored specifically for your game. We focus on 3 main aspects; Strong viral features, effective user conversion, and user retention.


Development work for social features and integration to social platforms can take an estimated time period of 6-12 months. XPOGames helps you to dramatically improve your time to market by delivering great tools. You focus on making great games and we'll take care of the rest.

Get it done at minimum set-up costs. Our technology can save you millions of dollars in development. XPOGames' generic technology is designed to work with any game and bring it to the social domain, up-to-par with the highest standards today.

Minimum costs

Social features

We've got it all! 3 types of currency (one standard, and two premium), Virtual Shop, Challenges and Tournaments, XP & Levels, Achievements, Collectibles, Daily Mini-game, Inbox system, User profiles, and more! Our features are packaged to work in synergy, come with Viral extensions, and contribute heavily to user conversion and retention.


Our entire platform has been specially designed to contribute to our 3 key aspects. Its layout and embedded features guide your players through a monetization funnel that's not only effective but also fun and rewarding! This ensures top-tier monetization and user retention for your content.


You can decide how aggressive you want your viral marketing to be. Choose between minimum, moderate, or maximum, and configure your viral funnel. The vast majority of our social features have viral extensions that work for you.


Our product is supported by comprehensive back-end tools that give you complete control of your game as well as in-depth analytics. Design your application, toggle and configure each feature down to the little details, control your virtual economy, and monitor usage and profit data in real-time.

Whitelabel solutions

The ultimate turnkey solution! Coupled with our social platform, our catalogue of whitelabel games delivers content in a wide range of genres and of the highest quality, all ready to be deployed to Facebook at the push of a button. Go live with your own social game - instantly!